History of the breed


The history of this remarkable domestic breed of hairless cats began in February 1986 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Associate Professor of RSLI Elena Kovaleva returning home, picked up on the street an ordinary-looking fluffy kitten at the age of 3 – 4 months. The kitten was a blue-tortured tortoiseshell cat. The kitten was called Varvara. The cat grew, and nothing unusual happened. Oddities began around the age of 7 – 8 months – the cat began to lose a fur on her head, then on her back, not immediately, gradually. A partially bald cat was tried to treat, believing that baldness is caused by illness. However, while the cat felt fine, had a good appetite, grew and developed, but the wool on the head and back was less.

Inna Kovaleva and Varvara

In 1988, Varvara was able to show for the first time to specialists engaged in breeding pedigreed cats, but this unusual looking cat did not produce impressions. Varya was already an adult blue-tortoise tortoiseshell cat, velor on her head and back was tender, tender to the touch, behind her ears was a lion’s mane of yellow-sandy and gray, a luxurious fluffy tail and fluffy paws. At about the same time, she saw Varvara and Irina Nemykina for the first time. Here’s how she remembers this: “For me it was a shock. Of course, I never saw such cats before, and could not even imagine what I would see. I had experience in keeping cats, but they were simple mugs, ordinary pets. And here! In the 1970s, I read a short note in the magazine that in North America four naked, hairless kittens were born. The breed was called Sphinx. Even a small photo was. And so, after seeing Varvara, I say to Elena – my God, this is the Sphinx, the naked Sphinx. And in my hands to take Barbarian, I was afraid then.”


A year passed by communicating with Elena, Irina Nemykina saw Varvara, became accustomed to her kind, was constantly interested, asked Elena about everything that concerned Varvara, gently stroked the head and back free of fur, but she did not dare to take an unusual cat in her arms. On February 20, 1990, Varvara gave birth to a litter, and in May, a litter from this litter received a gift Irina Nemykina. The father of the kittens was the cat Vasily, EKSH, there was no special information about him, it is known only that he was a beautiful gray-blue color with a marble pattern and a large white shirt front on his chest, the choice fell on him because of his natural beauty and close neighborhood.

Irina Nemykina and Chita

The kitten was a gray cat, funny, shaggy, the tail is flat, the fur on it fan out like a squirrel. A head – with baldness, like Varvara. Here is how Irina describes the first meeting with the kitten: “The cat was released to the floor, it was like, sniffed. I look at her, no, it’s not a cat, it does not look like a cat, and when I saw her paws and fingers, and she grabbed something with her hands, holds and eats, it’s not a cat – it’s a real monkey. And since the monkey is Chita, so the movie was called a monkey. So this name remains. ” In the litter with Chita, another cat was born – Shred, in the future she did not undress, she remained a shaggy tortoiseshell. During this period, Varvara, Chita and Shred took part in cat shows, they were examined by experts, at one of the exhibitions Chita was even awarded a prize, but after the exhibitions interest in these cats disappeared.


As time went by, Chita grew into an adult cat with the remains of a short coat on its paws and tail. March 20, 1991 Chita gave birth to its first litter from the cat EKSH – 4 boys, large kittens, not naked among them, all were brushes, but the lack of full wool in the kittens was obvious. The second mating of Chita was with the cat EKS named Dima. This cat had a blue color, tebirovanny, without white. (Vasily, with whom Varvara was knitted, had a white shirt-front, it was from him that went white marks, a gene for pegost, a medallion). Irina Nemykina did a row 3 knits of Chita with this Dima. In the first litter, it was in August 1991, two felines were born – Hannibal and Martyn.

Hannibal and Aksinia

Hannibal is found in the pedigrees of all the Don Sphynxes. Despite its venerable age, the cat looks vigorous, all teeth are whole, white, strong.


His brother, Martyn, the color of the tabby, was slightly larger than Hannibal, they were both measured in adulthood, it turned out that the length of Hannibal was 53 cm from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, and Martyn 54 cm. Martyn did not undress until the end, unlike Hannibal, he lived free-style, walked on the street, ran through the snow, caught mice, easily coped with the rat. In the summer it became practically naked, and a brush on the tail, wool on the paws, “feathers” behind the ears remained. But in the winter, when Martin went to his street on his cat’s affairs, his huge fur pants grew up, he looked very funny. Martyn lived in such conditions for about 8 years. Martyn had mating with a cat EKSH, a regular tabby, kittens were born and with ordinary hair and some became velor with age.

Hannibal and Aksinia

From the second mating of Chita and Dima on February 14, 1992 a very beautiful cat was born, called it Marcel. The third mating of Chita and Dima also gave beautiful kittens. They were born on June 13, 1992 and began to lose very quickly the remains of wool. So it happens with every litter. With this litter, Irina Nemykina began giving nicknames to the kittens already in alphabetical letters and adding the prefix Myth to the name. Marcel, Hannibal and Afinogen also received it, but Chita Irina decided to leave just Chita, without a prefix. Speaking today’s language, Chita – breeding Elena Kovaleva, Irina felt it would be wrong if she gave the prefix of her kennel. And two born kittens received nicknames Anton Myth and Afinogen Myth. Of the two, Anton was the best, he was bigger and was more naked at the age of several months. Afinogen Myth was in Leningrad to Tatyana Komarova. He became the first cat of the new breed, which fell outside the limits of Rostov-on-Don. But Anton did not stay long in the Myth cattery. Irina Katser, an experienced cat specialist, took Anton Myth and also to Leningrad. And soon I. Katser and Anton went to Budapest to an exhibition of cats, where Anton Myth received rave reviews. This was the debut of the breed outside of Russia. At about the same time, Irina Nemykina made a mating between her mother and her son, Chita and Hannibal, ie. inbreeding. She felt that this is how a new breed with new signs should appear. To imagine the time when this happened, the words inbreeding, the felinologist, the knitting few knew and heard. And now, the knitting of Chita and Hannibal. Chita gives birth on October 26, 1992. And then I.Nemykin was waiting for a very big surprise. Until now, all the newly born kittens had wool, to a greater or lesser extent, some became almost naked within a year. And then Chita gave litter, and there, among the kittens is one naked, absolutely naked kitten. It was a success! I. Nemykina: “My condition was about the same when I first saw Varvara.” A little kitty was a kitty. The first naked cat! And along with the joy of its appearance, a lot of questions arose – how to deal with it, how to care, and maybe you need to feed something special. Everything was decided by itself. They called her Basia Myth. She grew up, became more beautiful, and, in the end, also went to Leningrad to Irina Katser.

Basia Myth and Anton Myth

Together with Bassey in this litter was born one more kitty – Basted Myth. February 17, 1993 Chita gave birth to the second litter from Hannibal Myth. And again – in the litter one naked kitten. This time it’s a cat. The first naked cat! I. Nemykina: “I felt that I was approaching something important, for me, so far incomprehensible, maybe some mystery related to my cats. I was very nervous. And the kittens that lose their hair with age, and the appearance of naked kittens, and the behavior of these cats, their eyes, expressive eyes, paws, fingers, attitude towards people – this all absolutely does not fit the usual cats we are accustomed to. It became clear that they have not only their own specific phenotype, but also a psychotype, which is also different from other cats.” This litter was very successful. The naked cat was named Viscount Myth. He grew up in a big beautiful cat, lived a long time, about 10 years.

Viscount Myth

Viscount left a magnificent offspring, his children – Pusik Myth, Ksyusha Myth, Hector Myth and others.

Knight Myth

In the same litter, together with the Viscount, Vityaz and Violetta were born. Knight Myth is a cat with a wonderful type, powerful, very quickly undressed. He was the first of the kennel “Myth” got to Moscow, lives with Natalia Ibragimova. Knight and Hannibal were the first donchaks who took part in the exhibition of cats in Moscow in the autumn of 1993. The Vityaz has numerous and beautiful offspring. Violetta Myth – a beautiful cat, very similar to her mother – Chita. She also gave a large and beautiful offspring. In the next litter from Chita and Hannibal, the Myth was born on April 4, 1994, the famous Don Myth and Dashka Myth. Thus began the history of this wonderful breed, beginning with the very first cats – Barbara, Chita, thanks to the first breeder of the Don Sphynxes Irina Nemykina, her kennel “Myth” we have a domestic breed of hairless cats – Don Sphynx. As the Don sphynx breed developed and asserted, more and more its admirers appeared in Russia and elsewhere. Currently, there are many nurseries of the Don Sphynx. Owners of Donchak actively participate in cat shows.

Knight Myth

In 2000, Vityaz Myth (the owner of N. Ibragimov) became the first WCF World Champion in the Don Sphynx breed. To date, there are more than ten World Champions among the Donchaks both in Russia and abroad: in Ukraine, the Baltic countries. Due to its unique image, comfort in content, not in a catlike good temper, the Don sphynx breeds the hearts of many people and is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.